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Why are these Scuffed Air Jordan's being re-created? 👇🏽

Have you seen these scuffed cement 4's being posted around and wondered where they came from and why they are being produced with a factory scuff? The movie ‘Do the Right Thing’ created in 1989 featuring Spike Lee is where they came from 👇🏽

Here is the 2 minute clip it came from 👆🏼

Haven't we all wanted to just punch someone who mindlessly steps on your shoes? 

In tribute to the film, Jordan Brand has recreated a version of the sneaker, all the way down to the scuff, the rasta lace locks – and even the toothbrush he used to clean his kicks. Along with the Air Jordan 4 comes a brand new Jordan Fly 89 and a Jason Markk cleaning kit. (pictured below)  These are only available for family and friends – with little to no chance of ever releasing. Be sure to share with friends & Follow us on Instagram! Also subscribe to our blog to be notified when we post all the sneaker news! 👉🏼 (side tab)